124. Abbot might be mad!

Madness on the Thames is sure Diane Abbot is not completely mad!

There must be Britsh order!


Order Abbot! Your calculation was difficult to understand. You made a financial mistake in an interview. It could have meant that we would end up paying police officers only £30.00 a week. It was your sixth out of your seventh interview. Was there sudden madness not far from the Thames? Had you had enough all of a sudden?

Are you sure? Would it help the economy or the madness so near the Thames or all the unsolved terrible murders in Kent and in other counties in the UK? Will it help the police to solve crime? Serious crime should not pay! Labour must have it’s pig day. A policeman must know the questionable way…


More political madness is yet before us as we must witness statements that just do not make sense!

Lesson One

Think and write a little paragraph before the interview or statement in public.

Lesson Two

Always do your homework and cross reference your ideas with other political friends near the Thames.

Lesson Three

Do your homework on the maths, and party political ideas.

The labour party will have a good chance at the election if it does these sorts of things and collaborates with one another over the details so that we can have order in British politics!

This is another Madness on the Thames production.

God Bless you all. We are going to need it like wonderful Abbot needs a calculator.

121. British Nuclear Power Madness

The British new nuclear power agreement is madness for British people. I will explain why, quite easily.

Confidence is when you show a country you believe in them. Confidence is when we build things which will belong to the national interest.

British policy to allow a Chinese nuclear power plant to be built by the French and then secondly with the help of the English, only shows one thing. The government does not trust itself to implement policies for UK professionals to build things! Why would this be? Will it only get worse? Do we not have 43 universities in London alone? Is there not a few hundred scientists available to help? Why are we training all these academics if they are not allowed to put theory into practice and be confident that they can do so?

Surely we are not going to say that Chinese technology is better than ours. Surely we all understand about budgets, timescales and costs so much more in the present economic climate. British companies need the work. People need high paid jobs and good training. It could all be realised if there was so much more confidence instilled. The missed opportunities here are vast. It seems the government has taken the easy approach to a long-term problem of energy.

We have to build things ourselves. We have to own them so we can profit from the long-term investment as a country. The government must have confidence in its own people if it wants less madness in society in general.

The government has earned the ‘Sad Pig’ award.

Sad Pig lives on a Mad Thames Barge
Sad Pig lives on a Mad Thames Barge

120. David Cameron has been Mad!

Top people are mad and that can sometimes make me feel sad.

The Daily Mail wrote and I quote:

British Prime Minister and an obscene act with a dead pig’s head: How David Cameron took part in sordid initiation ceremony after joining Oxford University dining society as a student

  • Shocking claims emerge of David Cameron‘s university days in new book
  • Call Me Dave: The Unauthorised Biography is written by Michael Ashcroft 
  • Distinguished Oxford contemporary, now an MP, claims Prime Minister once took part in an outrageous initiation ceremony involving a dead pig



119. Modern Madness found again

I found some madness for you because to be a follower, makes me do such things…


Modern Madness

Saudi Arabia Building Women-Only Cities.

Is this truth or fiction.

The statement makes my mind boggle and now I have an extra hair on my chin!

‘The modern world is mad,

I have to live in it, but it is not sad.

The Thames has given me a madness which makes me glad’.


118. Volkswagen Madness?

The Telegraph reported today,

‘Made in Germany’ lies in the ‘gutter’ after Volkswagen caught cheating

VW’s conspiracy to rig emissions exposes it as the ‘Lance Armstrong’ of the car industry, once again revealing corrupt reflexes in German boardrooms.

A follower replies;

Shares must rise, so is it really any surprise? Greed is madness and this is the age we live in. As long as people believe huge lies, others make a lot of money. Do not worry though. On this one, dangerous climate change will have the last say.