121. British Nuclear Power Madness

The British new nuclear power agreement is madness for British people. I will explain why, quite easily.

Confidence is when you show a country you believe in them. Confidence is when we build things which will belong to the national interest.

British policy to allow a Chinese nuclear power plant to be built by the French and then secondly with the help of the English, only shows one thing. The government does not trust itself to implement policies for UK professionals to build things! Why would this be? Will it only get worse? Do we not have 43 universities in London alone? Is there not a few hundred scientists available to help? Why are we training all these academics if they are not allowed to put theory into practice and be confident that they can do so?

Surely we are not going to say that Chinese technology is better than ours. Surely we all understand about budgets, timescales and costs so much more in the present economic climate. British companies need the work. People need high paid jobs and good training. It could all be realised if there was so much more confidence instilled. The missed opportunities here are vast. It seems the government has taken the easy approach to a long-term problem of energy.

We have to build things ourselves. We have to own them so we can profit from the long-term investment as a country. The government must have confidence in its own people if it wants less madness in society in general.

The government has earned the ‘Sad Pig’ award.

Sad Pig lives on a Mad Thames Barge
Sad Pig lives on a Mad Thames Barge

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