123. Murder in Kent.

‘Madness on the Thames has created another post that is hinged in British Madness’

8thyellow pictureoriginal work of author only.

Peter Stone asks, ‘Can we talk about it?’

Madness on the Thames wants to share…

People in the media say things about murder.

In Kent there might be authors that say quite a lot

about it, but they seem to miss out

vital clues as to why we have these murders in the first place.

You might agree with me or you might not.

They say it is a

terrible thing and that it blights people’s lives.

Relatives, loves ones and victims have to

suffer for it, for years in some cases.

They forget to mention one thing.

‘Can we stop



They forget to mention one thing.

It makes the community fearful.

People stop talking because of fear.

That one thing allows the danger to creep in.

Silence is a very dangerous thing.

We should be able to talk about it.

Especially when it is murder, violence, a hate crime or

verbal abuse or threatening behavior.

So, silence is a very dangerous thing.

This is true, every word of it.

Why do we not talk about this type of crime and

why it happens frequently.

Could it have something to do with violence

in general? Why does someone get up in the

morning and say, ‘I will murder today.’

Do they get up and say I must murder someone?

Is it necessary? Will it make them feel better?

Some do it out of emotions that are out of control,

or because they are mad in the head about something,

something that might have happened. Ten there is revenge.

Is murder the answer?

It certainly would seem so for some.

What about the police and the community? What have they

to offer? Could they not start to enforce less violence and have it

reported with far more respect? Could threats and dangerous words

not be taken more seriously, or should we wait for the murder first?

What do you think?

Is violence and verbal abuse a leading factor?

Is it an act of revenge that is the initial stages that can in the end

become another murder in Kent? Can we talk about it? Can we have a

better policing environment that would not tolerate certain

types of behavior? Would it be too difficult? Would it create more work,

but stop murders? We need to do something. We need to start somewhere.

Lastly, what about all these unsolved crimes? Are they really so difficult to

solve? Have we not had enough of them?

Have we not had enough murders?

Are detectives not really the best,

we keep being told they are?


Do we need higher standards in policing. We need to SLITHER through these

criminal cases, so the evidence is stronger, far more accurate and creates

an environment where murder could be quite a dangerous thing to do?

After all, an excellent detective with a bunch of other excellent detectives,

might detect your every move, in the crime scene, at your home, in the community

and a whole host of other places.

We need change. Murder is terrible.

Let us ask for far better standards of detection,

evidence and scrutiny. People will not kill

if they know they will be caught. So many unsolved crimes in this category

is showing violent people that they can so easily get away with it!

We can be kind. There can be restraint. There can be far less violence and threatening

behavior if we start to tackle the problem head on. We need the will to do it.

Lastly, we need a deterrent.


‘Madness on the Thames has created another post that is hinged in British Madness’

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