124. Abbot might be mad!

Madness on the Thames is sure Diane Abbot is not completely mad!

There must be Britsh order!


Order Abbot! Your calculation was difficult to understand. You made a financial mistake in an interview. It could have meant that we would end up paying police officers only £30.00 a week. It was your sixth out of your seventh interview. Was there sudden madness not far from the Thames? Had you had enough all of a sudden?

Are you sure? Would it help the economy or the madness so near the Thames or all the unsolved terrible murders in Kent and in other counties in the UK? Will it help the police to solve crime? Serious crime should not pay! Labour must have it’s pig day. A policeman must know the questionable way…


More political madness is yet before us as we must witness statements that just do not make sense!

Lesson One

Think and write a little paragraph before the interview or statement in public.

Lesson Two

Always do your homework and cross reference your ideas with other political friends near the Thames.

Lesson Three

Do your homework on the maths, and party political ideas.

The labour party will have a good chance at the election if it does these sorts of things and collaborates with one another over the details so that we can have order in British politics!

This is another Madness on the Thames production.

God Bless you all. We are going to need it like wonderful Abbot needs a calculator.

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