Hello and Welcome to Madness on the Thames

A44,    Hello and welcome to the home page of my book ‘Madness on the Thames’ site. You are here because you want to read more about my book or are just curious as to what the characters of the book look like! I am sure you will not be disappointed. There are many drawings to see, which will be uploaded in the months to come.  The theme ‘madness’ covers such a wide perspective in the human experience. I hope to develop those ideas as a person who has had the opportunity to see many darker and the brighter sides of such brain and emotional functioning.

feGreen thoughts can grow an apology!

I know my drawings are simplistic, but it is all done to get the message across, without wasting your valuable time! An idea pops into my head about the story and it sends me off, with a picture in mind. If it has you laughing, then I have done my job. I do not expect to be called an artist! However, I am sure the insults will flow. Hey, that is life! One person’s fun is another’s misery. Yes, I know I have serious drawbacks in this area, but I actually see this as a great advantage. It means I am not stuck on a drawing for days. This I can leave to others who are far more skilled for sure. My limitations allow another idea to be created! Dead pirates, psychic beings and understanding fast eels would never be represented if this human condition did not exist.

A44AEveryone loves feedback on their ideas. Therefore, please do not hold back. I would be grateful for your input, being a writer within the murky world of detective work.

If you have a theme or ideas of madness and could not express it before, then I hope I have inspired you to tell people about it. Too many people shy away from such issues to do with mental health.

My ideas of comical and serious pictures are there to provoke the idea that madness is in all of us. It is all around us! It is great to express madness in this way. I hope I have provided something for readers of all ages.

weA word of warning. If you have not read my book, this site may not be fully understood. This is because the site is an extension of the book, ‘Madness on the Thames’. Buy it and get the most out of the short stories presented here. I do not think you will be disappointed. If a writer has great fun writing, this might very well come across to the reader. I will just have to wait and see.

Acts of madness are always happening in society. Therefore, this is a perfect place to just carry on until sanity is seen for what it really is! Be mad and get so much more out of truth in pictures.


‘All the best in understanding my ideas!’

Click below to see my book ‘Madness on the Thames’


Detective Peter Stone


‘Escape and survival allows Slithers to attack dangerous rivals’

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