117. Peace to those who cannot follow


8thyellow pictureoriginal work of author only.You cannot follow Madness on the Thames? Never mind. To this I say:

The peace that each human realises he needs must come from within. We must find ourselves once more. I say to all those who flee Syria, show through your anger and great will to survive, peace. Tell America you will never be hostile. Smile at their hostility. We need a mature perspective to show those who drop bombs on a country, that this cannot ever be the way to solve a really dangerous crises.


Great compassion is needed to make peace in our world.

Great understanding is needed to show capitalism that it has gone too far , which now is showing catastrophy is so many areas of the world economy.

When will a share on the stock Market create peace in the world for the long term where slavery will finally be abolished?

Only human beings can change things. We need to change the way we are thinking.

Peace will never be a capitalist share. However, maybe peace does not create enough wealth for people to take it seriously enough. How sad.

A follower has spoken. He hopes people will listen…